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The Building Futures in Alberta program is a program of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education. Its goal is to support financial education in Alberta by providing teachers with free access to resources and programs to use in their efforts to improve the financial literacy of Alberta youth.

The program provides free access to a wide array of programs and resources in English and French.

A key part of the Building Futures in Alberta program is the Learning Framework which provides a reference tool for teachers in terms of important financial education themes and topics – along with target areas of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours. This constitutes the suggestions for WHAT to teach to help improve financial literacy.

For each topic, Alberta educators have identified targets in the Alberta Curriculum where instruction could address the target areas of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours. This is the suggested “Learning Map” outlining WHERE instruction can take place.

Lastly, support teaching materials are provided to help support teacher instruction to teacher the target content in the targeted curriculum areas. This helps address the HOW to teach.

Supporting the Learning Framework, Learning Map, and Teaching Materials, the program provides easy and free access to other CFEE financial education resources and programs.

There will also be a monthly Quiz for teachers to use to help engage student interest and gain insight into what is known, and not known, by students about various financial topics.

There is also the option for teachers to request an Ambassador – that is, a representative from the financial industry who can assist them with their financial education efforts.

Over time, more and more programs and resources will be integrated into the Building Futures in Alberta program to provide ever-expanding support to teachers and their efforts to improve the financial literacy of Alberta youth.

If you have ideas or suggestions for the program, or feedback on your experience with any component of the program, please use the email feature at the bottom of the Homepage to connect with us. We welcome your ideas and feedback.