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Major Expenses

Division IV: Gr. 10-12

Moving Out, Cars, Travel, and Accommodation

Youth are consumers from an early age – and there are many ways in which others try and influence the financial decisions of youth. As they get into their later teens and look to graduation from high school, they start to face more significant financial decisions related to moving out to live on their own or with friends, buying or leasing a car, travel expenses, planning and saving for education and other important life goals. It is important that youth receive guidance in making such financial decisions – understanding what costs they can face, how they can go about making such decisions, ways to control or reduce such expenses, and avoid paying more than they need to or should.

Please Note: Teaching Units provided are for support and consideration by teachers and are not prescriptive.

Learning Map and Supports for Instruction

The “Learning Map” identifies teaching opportunities in Alberta’s curriculum for each topic and you will find them as part of the Support Teaching Materials provided here. Teachers can, of course, integrate the target areas of financial knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours anywhere they can find a fit. The Supports for Instruction provide videos, animations, and links to other resources to support teachers in their efforts to improve the financial literacy of their students.



  • Types of costs associated with moving out and living on one’s own and estimates of what the costs could be
  • Different kinds of living arrangements that can impact costs – on one’s own, with a friend, with a group of friends, in a dorm etc.
  • Possible unforeseen costs and the importance of renters’ insurance
  • How to save on expenses such as food, clothing, Internet, etc.
  • Compare buying versus leasing a car
  • What to look for if buying a used car
  • What is involved in a lease agreement for a car and how to negotiate a lease
  • What is involved in a purchase agreement to purchase a car and how to negotiate the purchase of a car
  • Expenses associated with owning or leasing a car
  • Ways to reduce auto expense
  • Different types of accommodation
  • How to reduce expenses on travel
  • Possible unforeseen expenses when travelling


  • Manage moving out and setting up a new living situation
  • Negotiate rent for accommodation
  • Negotiate a car loan or lease
  • Negotiate a loan from a financial institution
  • Budget for living expenses
  • Plan travel effectively to reduce costs


  • Learn enough to be strong and confident in negotiations
  • Be creative in ways to reduce costs
  • Plan travel well
  • Obtain appropriate insurance as needed – e.g., renters, auto
  • Negotiate to obtain best possible conditions and prices
  • Look after things of value to avoid loss or damage (e.g., apartment, car, computer)